Translator L&F aims to excel both in the quality of its work and in its ability to tackle assignments that would be beyond the capabilities of other translators. Aware of the importance many clients place on quick turnaround times, Translator L&F and our translators have achieved translation output levels well above the average. It is this high productivity, together with our constant efforts to recruit and train suitable translators, that enables us to cope with occasional peak workloads.

Our service includes strict on-time delivery of all jobs and the ability to fully meet our clients’ requirements, however demanding (as regards volume and delivery deadline). Production Coordination and the individual Translation Areas use the project status screen in our TMS Application to monitor and supervise progress and ensure that intermediate milestones (e.g., delivery to the reviser) and final deadlines (delivery to the client) are met. Our TMS has a system of alerts and warnings to support the monitoring and tracking of all orders and ensure that deliveries are made in proper form and on time.

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