Our team of economic and financial translators have a wealth of experience in the translation of all kinds of microeconomic studies (production, costs, consumer demand, price formation and wage determination, imperfect competition, game theory and information economics), and macroeconomic analyses. This includes, among others, theoretical studies and general articles on monetary policy and its implementation, fiscal policy and its effects on economic growth and savings, the financing of the budget deficit and related monetary issues, inflation and its causes and impact on economic efficiency and welfare, the international coordination of macroeconomic policies, the determinants and effects of international factor movements, especially with respect to direct investment, foreign trade and its related payment systems, the instruments and effects of trade policy, balance of payments adjustment mechanisms, exchange rate regimes, and the dynamic, long-term effects of economic and monetary integration.

Our translators also handle all kinds of texts from the fields of finance, banking (mainly bank annual reports) and national and corporate accounting, as well as market and industry analyses. They have many years’ experience of working with texts related to the capital markets (money markets, government and corporate bonds, equities, and especially OTC transactions in financial derivatives and hybrid or structured products) and their ratios, the short-term corporate debt markets (e.g., promissory notes), business economics (financing decisions and valuation methods) and public economics. They also deal regularly with documents relating to securities clearing and settlement platforms, legal and regulatory texts applicable in the various securities markets, financial and corporate governance reporting by securities issuers (e.g., corporate governance reports and good governance codes) in different countries, and a variety of advertising and marketing material for investment products and services.

Numerous credit institutions, securities dealers and brokers, asset management companies, collective investment schemes (CIS), financial advisory firms and venture capital firms employ our services on a regular basis to translate a wide variety of documents, including bond indentures, prospectuses for securitisation issues, debt securities term sheets, security underwriting and placement memorandums, and a range of documents relating to IPOs and offers to purchase shares, suspensions and delistings, capital increases and reductions, share splits and reverse splits, stock arbitrage, short selling and buying on margin, acquisitions of distressed securities and fundamental and technical analysis.

Most notably, we have many years’ experience of translating full and simplified prospectuses, articles of association and management regulations, annual and interim reports, supplements, subfund’s information cards, notices and other documents that, under Irish, French, Luxembourg and German law, harmonised and non-harmonised collective investment schemes (UCITS and non-UCITS, respectively) send to their shareholders or unitholders.

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