Through the revision process, Translator L&F’s translators and revisers not only ensure consistency of terminology and style in each job, but also help the translators whose work they revise to develop their source and target language competences. In fact, this is a two-way process, as the revisers themselves learn from the language skills and knowledge of the translators they revise. Systematic revision of translations before delivery to the client thus not only ensures linguistic quality and terminological consistency but also assists the ongoing professional training and development of our team of translators and revisers.

In addition, Translator L&F has for many years supported the continuing professional development of its translators by financing their participation in academic courses in various sectors, sometimes in combination with short stays abroad. This active support for our translators’ professional development explains their commitment and loyalty to the company, as evidenced by their average length of service (eight years). In a word, Translator L&F’s translators are “in-house” translators whose work reflects their professional and personal commitment to excellence.

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