Once a client’s project has been accepted and entered in our TMS Application (Translation Management System), Production Coordination, in collaboration with the Translation Areas concerned, performs the necessary preparatory steps to allow translation and revision to begin. This preparatory work includes the following tasks:

Technical analysis of the project source text: In collaboration with our Technical Assistance and DTP Department, Production Coordination performs all the necessary technical steps to make the texts ready for translation and revision. This may include converting from one format to another, processing texts, images and audiovisual files in any medium, preparing documents for use with our translation memories, locating similar documents translated previously for the same client, or compiling and preparing reference material.

Linguistic and terminological analysis of the project source text: This includes a preliminary study of the terminology and any linguistic or documentary requirements of the client’s text in order to draw up a glossary of project-specific terminology and, where applicable, locate the national or international legal texts quoted in or relevant to the document, as well as any other reference texts which may assist the translator (e.g., the client’s website, corporate documents, and publicly available financial reports and accounts) and from which the basic terminology and naming conventions used by a particular company or in a particular industry can be extracted.

Task assignment: Once these analyses have been completed, Production Coordination, in collaboration with the Translation Area concerned, assigns the document to the translator and reviser considered most suitable based on professional capabilities and aptitudes, seeking complementarity between the two. The chosen translator and reviser must consult and take account of any material or instructions of a technical or linguistic nature issued by Production Coordination, the Technical Assistance and DTP Department or the Translation Area concerned on the basis of the preparatory work.

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