The translators who work for Translator L&F will always conform to the profile described in Who translates at Translator L&F. Each project is assigned to a single translator, so as to ensure terminological and stylistic consistency throughout the translated document. Our translators have well above average productivity, as this is a basic requirement at Translator L&F, given the nature of the translation business. Nevertheless, where a job is especially demanding as regards time limit and volume, Translator L&F may assign it to more than one translator (though never more than three), who will be in constant contact with one another (by the means indicated below). In these large-scale jobs, the revision will be done by one of the translators involved in the project.

The translator will remain in permanent contact with the Translation Area concerned, either face-to-face in our offices or through the TMS Application (Translation Management System), which allows direct communication between the Translation Area and the translator and reviser. The contact is unbroken and monitoring by the Head of the Translation Area is continuous.

For additional assistance, the translator may contact other Translator L&F translators to resolve specific difficulties that require an expert opinion. Through their many years of intense work in our tightly knit translation teams, our translators have built up very close working relationships. Once a translation is complete, the translator always gives it a final read through on paper.


Having completed the translation task to schedule, the translator uploads the translated document to the TMS Application, adding comments and recommendations to the reviser as appropriate.

Revisers at Translator L&F have the same professional competences as translators. Revisions are carried out by the translator the Translation Area concerned considers most suitable in terms of professional competences and complementary fit with the original translator.

The reviser compares the source and target texts, paying special attention to consistency of terminology and style throughout the document. The translator’s comments and the results of the technical and linguistic preparatory work mentioned earlier are also taken into account. The reviser is in permanent contact with the translator through the TMS Application. Once the revision is complete, the reviser uploads the revised document to the TMS Application and marks the task as completed.

Final verification and delivery

Before the job is delivered, the Translation Area concerned checks that the job has been done in accordance with the service specifications and is ready for delivery. Our Technical Assistance and DTP Department then checks the final format, adapts it to the client’s delivery specifications and, where applicable, uploads the translations to the portal or application specified by the client.

In the case of sworn translations, once the revision is complete, the sworn translator stamps a printed copy of the translated document to certify that the document is a faithful and complete translation of the original.

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