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To translate, you need a thorough command
of the subject you are translating.

Failure to observe this simple rule is a major cause of frustration among users of translation services. TL&F has been filling this gap in the market for more than 30 years. Browse our site and discover why.

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Legal translation

We translate public and private legal documents for national and supranational bodies, companies, law firms and individuals.

Economic and financial translation

We translate all kinds of financial, banking, and public-sector and corporate accounting documents, as well as market and industry reports.

Scientific and technical translation

Our Scientific Division has experience with public bodies, as well as with chemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical companies.

Sworn translations

TL&F translators authorised by the relevant competent authority add their signature and stamp to certify the accuracy and completeness of their translations. With no extra charge for certain language combinations.

Interpretation services

Our TL&F interpreters specialise in different types of event (medical conferences, court hearings, taking of testimony, and so on). Also sworn interpretation.

Website localisation

Linguistically and culturally tailored to the local market. Optimal translation of keywords for SEO. Translation of blog or news content at the intervals specified by the client.

Other services

Transcription and translation of audio and video files; development of client-specific glossaries; editing, post-editing and proofreading; linguistic consulting and advice.

Why choose us?

Consistently good translations and a service you can trust.

Founded in 1987, Translator L&F is a leading company in the field of international legal and financial translation and a top player in scientific and technical translation, having set up a Scientific Division in 2000.

In our 30+ years of existence, we have become the translators of choice for a wide range of financial institutions, collective investment schemes, audit firms and top-flight law firms, as well as for large multinational companies and national and international bodies. The high standing of our clients in their industries is the best endorsement of the quality and reliability of the services we offer.
Our translators
Cornerstone of a unique model

At Translator L&F we know what it takes to produce a good translation every time. Above all, it means having translators who have a complete grasp of the subject of the texts they translate. (Who better than a lawyer-linguist to translate a civil claim form?) Moreover, all our translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue.

To operate on this model, you need lawyers, economists, accountants, engineers, doctors (and other professionals) who have chosen to put their subject knowledge and language skills to good use in the field of translation.

It is a demanding model that hardly anybody in the translation market puts into practice.

Our biggest motivation is seeing how, year after year, our clients congratulate us and recommend us to others.
Larry Lilue
Head of the English Department

200,000,000 Words Translated

33 YEARSExperience

9.4/ 10 SATISFACTIONResult of 2019 customer satisfaction survey

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