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Translator L&F’s Scientific Division regularly translates a wide variety of documents across a range of disciplines. Its team of scientific and technical translators has experience with many disciplines (including medicine, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biotechnology and various fields of engineering). Its clients include public institutions and chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology companies.

In the field of medicine, we translate popular science articles on advances in disciplines such as neurology, oncology and clinical microbiology for publication in journals, forums and specialist websites, as well as case reports and hospital medical reports. We also regularly translate conference reports on research results. Our thorough command of clinical trial procedures enables us to translate clinical trial protocols, patient information and consent forms. Medical device manufacturers and suppliers regularly use our services for the translation of user manuals, brochures and all kinds of informational and technical material on medical, diagnostic and treatment equipment.

In the pharmaceutical field, our translators have ample experience in translating documents such as pharmaceutical marketing materials for sales force training and marketing authorisation dossiers, including standard documents such as common technical documents (CTD) and summaries of product characteristics (SPC). We also translate pharmaceutical product and process patents, which, like sponsorship and medical supply agreements, call for a combination of legal and chemical or medical knowledge. Other documents translated include general documents for submission to health authorities to obtain reimbursement authorisation, market studies, questionnaires and physician interviews for brand positioning purposes.

We handle documents produced by diverse multilateral institutions, universities and international cooperation agencies concerning the negotiation of multilateral agreements, the preparation of industry standards or regulations, and the application of common policies and international guidelines. We can also handle other documents of a legal nature that our clients see fit to entrust to our company for translation, all of which are carefully analysed and documented before being translated.

Scientific Division Specialised translators All our translators have higher education qualifications and professional experience
Since 2000 Scientific/technical translation team We translate for public agencies, as well as for chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology companies
Multiple languages Wide selection of languages We naturally cover the languages most widely spoken and translated in business
Sworn translations Complete and faithful translation of the original document Signed and stamped by an official translator appointed by the competent authority

Our Scientific Division also covers the field of chemistry, frequently translating chemical manuals, material safety data sheets (MSDS), chemical compound patents and standard operating procedures (SOP). We also have ample experience in translating in the fine chemicals field, with its many applications in medicine, foods (colourants), agriculture (fertilisers) and the environment.

Our specialist translators in life sciences have extensive experience with research & development texts in fields, such as genomics and proteomics or biotechnology, which have grown rapidly in recent years, providing us with work on projects, especially in healthcare, on biomarkers and therapeutic targets in oncology or cell regeneration and vaccines, among others.

We also translate documents relating to new technologies for preparing drugs, such as biologicals and biosimilars, as well as documents on the development of new treatments and diagnostic procedures, including nanomedicine applications.

The Scientific Division also translates texts relating to the various branches of engineering (telecommunications, aeronautics, naval and industrial engineering and, in particular, information technology), for which we have superbly qualified translators, as explained in the presentation of our unique model. The above list is by no means comphrehensive, and our Scientific Division continues to address new fields as clients’ needs require (renewable energy, for instance).

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