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The quality and professionalism of our services have made us a trusted name in the field of legal, economic and financial translation, and more recently (since 2000) also scientific and technical translation.

The company handles a large number of languages, including those most widely spoken and translated in business. We regularly translate among the languages of the European Union Member States, as well as U.S. English, the various forms of Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. We are also able to handle Russian, Arabic and Chinese and, in response to growing demand from our clients, various Eastern European languages.

Sworn translations
Signed and stamped by an Official Translator

Translator L&F regularly carries out sworn translations. These are translations signed and stamped by an Official Translator appointed by a country’s competent authority to certify that a translation is a faithful and complete rendering of the original.

A sworn translator certifies and warrants the fidelity of the translation, giving it official validity for the purpose of presentation to official institutions, government agencies and regulatory bodies.

Interpretation services
Interpreters for every situation

Translator L&F has been providing interpretation services for more than twenty years. We know our interpreters very well; that is to say, we know each one’s strengths and how to put together the best team for any given situation. There is no such thing as an easy event: every medical gathering, board of directors meeting, court hearing or conference has its own specific vocabulary, and often difficulties arise because the interpreters do not have the right specialisation or professional experience.

Translator L&F applies the same quality controls in selecting interpreters as in selecting translators, perhaps with an even more personalised touch, given that interpreting is done face-to-face. The Production Coordination Department works closely with the Translation Areas to select the most suitable interpreters for each event.

Glossary preparation and management
Specific to each client

Translator L&F has developed its own system for preparing glossaries for clients that request this service. This system is based on the detection of keywords during the preparatory work or during translation and revision. The proposed translations of these keywords are checked by Translator L&F before being submitted separately to the client, together with supporting information or documentation, for final approval.

These glossaries rely on the documentation skills of Translator L&F’s translators and revisers in making the most effective use of all available sources of information (relevant national legal texts, internationally recognised industry publications, etc.).

Website localisation
Essential for taking your business international

We offer tailored, end-to-end solutions for the translation of websites in any format (including html, xml, php and Java), preserving the integrity of the code and providing a translation that linguistically and culturally matches the locale. This includes optimal translation of keywords for SEO. We also translate blog and news content at the intervals specified by the client.

Other added value services
Desktop publishing, transcription, editing, language consultancy

We offer desktop publishing (DTP) services tailored to our clients’ needs. We work with both PC and Mac and in any format, including Office, iWork, PDF, QuarkXpress, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. These DTP services are included in our translation fee.

We also provide audio and video transcription and subtitling services (interviews, conferences, seminars, speeches); editing, post-editing and proofreading; and linguistic consulting and advice.

Our rates
Flat rate per word and language

Clear and transparent. The client receives a firm estimate based on a fixed rate per word, which varies only with the requested language combination. Translator L&F does not charge extra (a higher rate) for translations in supposedly more “difficult” subjects.

That is to say, we have translators for whom translating in such subjects is not especially difficult. We also do not charge extra for DTP work (the “packaging”) or revision, as if they were optional add-ons, making our basic rate for translation look cheaper.

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