Translator L&F and its team of legal translators have experience with a wide variety of documents, in all areas of public and private law, produced by national and supranational public bodies, companies, law firms and private individuals. The following are merely examples, not a complete list:

The full variety of resolutions, decisions and documents issued by Spanish and foreign courts (notably the conclusions of advocates general and referrals to the European Court of Justice), other public bodies with supervisory, disciplinary or regulatory powers (in competition, securities markets or other regulated sectors) and tax authorities, and documents relating to the recognition and enforcement of the decisions of foreign courts and arbitrators and the presentation and examination of evidence in other countries.

Notarial deeds, records and certificates, registry notes and extracts, and resolutions of all kinds of public registers, government ministries and intellectual and industrial property offices, as well as legal and regulatory texts from different national systems.

All kinds of documents in the field of company law, memoranda and articles of association, minutes and resolutions of General Meetings and boards of directors and objections to such resolutions, annual and interim financial statements, resolutions to increase or reduce capital, sales and purchases of shares or units, partnership and joint venture agreements, legal audit reports prepared within the framework of business transfers and all kinds of related competition law documents, parent-subsidiary agreements, and documents relating to mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, splitups, spinoffs, transfers of assets and liabilities and a wide variety of other corporate transactions.

All types of commercial contracts, including production agreements, purchase and sale agreements, service and outsourcing agreements and distribution, supply, shipping, licence, agency and franchise agreements. Also debt instruments (bills of exchange and promissory notes), deposit agreements, loan agreements, syndicated project finance loans, insurance contracts (reinsurance and coinsurance), current account and other banking and guarantee agreements requiring formal registration (bonds, pledges, mortgages) and foreign trade agreements. Documents relating to competition and environmental law (environmental impact and liability assessments), general terms and conditions, letters of intent, confidentiality agreements and a range of guarantee instruments.

All kinds of company financial, accounting and marketing documents, employee and senior management contracts, documents relating to compensation systems and incentive plans, stock option schemes and internal policies and regulations. Sales presentations, business plans, correspondence and meeting minutes.

Reports on international taxation and comparative taxation, labour and social security law, and other relevant legal considerations concerning expatriates and companies operating in other countries.

Documents produced by diverse multilateral institutions, universities and international cooperation agencies concerning the negotiation of multilateral agreements, the preparation of industry standards or regulations, and the application of common policies and international guidelines.

Any other documents of a legal nature that our customers see fit to entrust to our company for translation, all of which are carefully analysed and documented before being translated.

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